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Things That Come Handy When Camping Out

If you want to make the most of your camping holidays, you can opt to get caravans for hire. Take your pick from the many companies offering these services in the market. Choose the package that best matches your intended activities and budget. When you are done with that, put a little more effort into packing to ensure that you wont miss anything while you are on your trip.

Have these in your checklist:

1. First-Aid Kit

With or without kids in tow, its important to bring along a first-aid kit in your caravans for hire. Youll never know what youll get yourself into while youre engaging in outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and fishing. Include an antiseptic for washing cuts and bumps, an antibacterial ointment, band-aids and dressings, and OTC medication for pain and other common ailments like tummy trouble and allergies.

Another important item to have in your first aid kit is insect repellant. You dont want your holiday ruined by pesky mosquitoes and flies biting you. You also do not want to bring home insect bites as souvenirs. Choose a bug repellant cream or spray without DEET as this ingredient may be harmful for kids when used in large amounts. You can also light up citronella candles when you are not on the road.

2. Baby Wipes and Hand Sanitizer

Water might not always be available and baby wipes can save you from a number of sticky and messy situations. These are especially important if you have kids travelling with you. You can also use baby wipes for a quick bath when there is no shower available. Just wipe away the grime and sweat from head to toe.

3. Head lamps and flashlights

While its romantic to have the moon and campfiresas light sources, the reality is that its dark out there. The moment you step out of your caravans for hire, you may not be able to find your way around. Its never fun to trip on branches, cables, and whatever else might be out there in the wild. Invest in good quality head lamps, flashlights, and lanterns. Whether its LED, runs on electric or gas, or battery-operated, its your choice. Choose whatever is most convenient for you to use.

4. Shovel

Get yourself a sturdy shovel. Youll need a shovel, well, for digging holes especially when theres no available toilet. You might need to improvise and go old school for an instant forest toilet. You can also use it to clear the campsite ground, to quash out spiders and other insects, and maybe for your self-defense against uninvited guests.

5. Rubbish Bin

You dont want to leave your trash behind the park or campsite, right? You want to be neat and organized. So, make sure to have a trash bin and everybody knows where to throw their rubbish. Dont forget to recycle so make sure to segregate.

6. Books, cards and games

While on your caravan trip, it is best for you and the kids to keep your hands off computers, mobile phones, and other electronic gadgets. Instead, read books, play cards or board games. Its a time to bond with the family around the campfire, eat hotdogs with marshmallows, scare each other with ghost stories, laugh at jokes, and go stargazing. Just cherish that moment with the family and be in awe at the beauty of nature around you.


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