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Elegant Flower Arrangements

Are you planning your wedding? One of the many decisions youll be faced with is selecting flowers for the occasion. There is a wide variety of flowers and flower combinations you can choose from for special occasions. The following are some of the most popular floral blossoms for weddings. Take your pick. boulder florists

1. Roses

Roses have long been considered a symbol of love and beauty. This is mostly thanks to poets and romantic writers whove used it to express love, passion and beauty. They are often the flower of choice on romantic occasions such as wedding anniversaries and Valentines Day.

There are many varieties to choose from. Many brides opt for hybrid tea roses that are uniformly shaped and are a classic. Spray roses are also a great choice with their natural wild look. If youre going for an old-fashioned look, you may want to go for garden roses that are bushier with a delicious scent.

2. Calla Lily

These flowers are well known for their magnificent beauty. They originated from Africa and also go by the name arum lily. They are perfect for adding that elegant touch with their creamy ivory petals. The lilies also come in orange, yellow, dark purple and mauve-pink.

3. Orchid

These were once only accessible to the privileged in society. They are now more widespread and readily available. They are a perfect flower for special occasions. Hybrid breeds means a greater variety to choose from.

4. Tulips

These brightly colored flowers are a great addition for a happy occasion. Colors range from white and cream to bright pinks, peach and yellow. There are also blues, reds and purples to add a splash of color.

These flowers are a great choice, especially for brides on a budget. They are available for most of the year and are quite affordable. If you have a little more room in your budget, you can opt for the rarer varieties which can be more expensive. The tulip is the perfect flower to add a touch of elegance without making the event too formal.

5. Gardenias

These flowers set a soft and romantic tone with their exquisite scent. The South African flower makes the perfect addition to an elegant wedding with its delicate creamy petals. The large flowers can be used as a hair piece or in a bouquet. They make the perfect centerpiece too.

6. Sweet peas

A simple and colorful symbol of lasting pleasure, these flowers originated in Sicily. They have for a long time been associated with bright summer days in meadows. Their sweet scent and ruffled purple and pink petals are the perfect touch to cap any joyful occasion.

7. Hydrangeas

These bushy colorful flowers were once associated with vanity. They offer a wide variety in terms of color ranging from bright pinks to cool sky blues. They are moderately priced and offer up a wonderful calming scent, making them perfect for a bouquet or centerpiece.


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