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About Bamboo Socks

Bamboo socks have been seen as a true revelation for individuals who have tried them out for the very first time, as well as loved by those who have been wearing them for many years. Once you have tried them, you will always want these socks for your feet.

Benefits Of Bamboo Socks

They are extremely comfortable and can be compared to placing your feet in a deep and luxurious carpet. Bamboo socks also feature a thermos-regulating fabric that will ensure your feet stay cool and dry all day long. These socks are perfect for those scorching days and will keep your feet really warm during the winter months.

The bamboo fibers in these socks are absorbent and will ensure that moisture is kept away from your skin which is a fantastic relief for individuals who may suffer from types of fungal infections.

Bamboo fibers also feature a natural anti-bacterial solution that helps to keep any type of foot odor to an absolute minimum.

Bamboo is also far gentler than most of the man-made fibers and the ideal choice for those who are in search of a hypoallergenic solution.


Bamboo is known to be 100% biodegradable and natural which offers the conscientious consumers with peace-of-mind. Once your bamboo socks are no longer wearable, you will be happy to know that this product can return to Earth leaving a minimal impact on the environment.

Making Bamboo Fiber

Bamboo fiber is utilized for some modern and exceptional textiles. Clothing items such as bamboo socks are made out 100% bamboo fiber. This particular fabric is also used in other products such as towels, underwear, diapers, duvet covers, bed linen and more. Bamboo is the type of fiber that can easily be blended with other fabrics such as Lycra, hemp or cotton.

To produce bamboo fabric of a high quality, a process is used using sodium hydroxide to break this bamboo down. The bamboo is soaked in this solution to produce what is known as cellulose. There have been a few concerns raised about the safety of sodium hydroxide, but when this chemical is used in the correct manner, it will have no effect on workers' health or the environment. This particular chemical is also used in the processing application of organic cotton into a fiber and has approval from the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) as well as the SA (Soil Association). The benefit of using this specific chemical is that it does not leave a residue in the final product and washes away easily.


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